:: Two Wild Visitors Came To Make All My Questing Eyes Neurocosmic ::

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:: Panel #7 (2021) :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

Returning to a wild and mind-blowing vision experienced in the summer of 2012, which I have also explored in the 2013 artwork Neurocosmic, and in 2017 with Boy Under The Earth. Here the 2-CB/2-CI vision has been rendered as a kind of human mandala, expressing in detail the psychedelic colours, the explosive heart-opening flower and the visitation of two 'entities' who shaped and directed my experience, thinking and physical movements for some hours during that night in an eye-opening and celebratory experience on the edges of human possibility. The vision is related in detail towards the back of my 2018 book They Shimmer Within.

Human Visions 7

Human Visions 7 Detail

Human Visions Sketch

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