:: Neurocosmic ::

2CB    Blood    Xochipilli    Moonchild    Lucifer    Neurocosmic    Form    Coatlicue

:: 2013 :: 114cm x 51cm in three panels:: Markers on Card ::

A trivalent image of humanity that sprang from a powerful visionary experience in the summer of 2012, aided in part by a new entheogen, in which I experienced the manifestation and metaprogramming of my neural circuits, and was able to play with inner identities, synaesthetic colour-flavours and ultimately to move into a space where notions of deity, whether manifested in oneself or in the external world, were rendered meaningless. Here I experienced the ability to visualise, activate and re-programme my own discrete neural circuits, many of which bore great resemblance to those in Leary's Eight-Circuit Model of Consciousness. This triptych seeks to capture the spirit and strangeness of that single vision, and the centre panel of this image was used for my 2018 book They Shimmer Within: Cognitive-Evolutionary Perspectives on Visionary Beings.


Panel #1 - Deep fragmented human consciousness forms emerge into a celestial space: We Go Beyond The Gods...

Panel #2 - Biological realities experience themselves as a world axis: We Remember Evolutionary Histories And Futures

Panel #3 - Shining Sun and Moon in the twisting mandalas of the Underworld: We Transform the Neurocosmos

neurocosmic left

neurocosmic centre

neurocosmic right



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