:: I Fell Through A Hangman's Portal To Become A Shining Starman ::

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:: Panel #8 (2023) :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

As detailed in my 2015 artwork A Vision Of Light In Waves, and my 2022 novella Hangman Starman, the years 2010-12 were deeply challenging for me, assailed as I was by deep, self-destructive urges which I knew could spell the end of my life, or alternatively, a spur towards radical change. Naturally I chose the latter and, in a series of terrifying dreams, steadily walked myself through the transformative process from a broken person beset by suicidal ideation - the 'hangman' into a queer, hyperactive artist redolent with new, blazing light - the 'the starman'. This panel recalls that wild period of my life, evoking it with an ambiguous image which speaks of the spirit of the 'hangman' as much as the 'starman' and his subsequent life.

Human Visions 8

Human Visions 8 Detail

Human Visions Sketch

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