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This page showcases some of the films that I have made about his work over the years. Each one relates to a particular project or exhibition: in particular the two films about my 2017 solo show Beyond Demons And Angels and the 2013 crowdfunding video for my Voice Project act as useful introductions to my artistic practice, its themes and methods. Further down the page can be found films which are artworks in themselves: my two Fernal Films showcasing the Fernalese Language and several older films from 2008-09 produced for exhibitions in the early years of my professional practice. Here can also be seen my 2016 film about the PaintUp With Kamamma project in South Africa. In each case, please click on the 'full-screen' icon to view the films in full screen mode.



These two films provide a good introduction to the general themes in my work. The first was produced for my 2017 solo show, Beyond Demons And Angels, and explores what drives my artistic practice as well as a bit about the unique media I use and the 'Dual Image' technique I am developing. The second film is called 'Thinking Strings' which narrates my 2016 participation in the PaintUp With Kamamma project in the town of Melkhoutfontein, Western Cape, South Africa. A slide show of the town with the murals is seen, and the narration is taken from my speech at the opening event for the project which was held on March 22nd 2016. Since then, I have returned to Melkhoutfontein to create three more murals and I hope to return again in 2018...

Beyond Demons and Angels from Bruce Rimell
A promo film for my 2017 solo show at Cupola Gallery, Sheffield
Thinking Strings - Dreamcatcher South Africa
A slide show about the 2016 PaintUp with Kamamma project



The Voice Project is my initiative to create a large-scale multi-panel visionary mural – entitled The Voice – expressing the Imaginal, Ancestral and Dreamvision Voices of the Island of Britain. This is a 13 panel, dual image, 33-feet long love letter to my native land. Shown here are three films produced for the 2013 crowdfunding campaign which helped to fund the materials - the canvas panels and the acrylics, ink, marker and UV lacquer media - which, at the time of writing, are still being used to steadily unfold this mural into existence. Another film shows all the canvas panels marked out in summer 2013 and gives an idea of the scale of the project. You can see more about the Voice Project here, including the latest updates. I hope to complete the project by 2020.

The Voice Project from Bruce Rimell
Introducing the project for my IndieGogo campaign in 2013
Bruce talks about The Voice Project
Talking about the project with a projection of Panel #1
Dual Image - Daylight & UV Artworks from Bruce Rimell
A quick glance at some early Dual Image artworks
The Voice Project - 13 Panels Marked Out
A sense of the Voice Project's scale...



These two films were produced as something of a spin-off from the creation of The Encyclopaedia of Fernal Affairs, a Dreams & Divinities collaboration between myself, Liba Waring Stambollion, Gromyko Semper and over 100 other artists. This book narrated an imaginary paradisical Fernal Garden in which everything was alive, conscious and shimmering with beauty. One of my main tasks in the project was to come up with a mythology for the Garden, and in the process I also came up with a language. These films showcase both the language and the mythology: the first was shown at the Dreams & Divinities Fernal exhibition and book launch at Bash Contemporary, San Francisco, USA in May 2015, while the second was presented at the PoMoGaze art festival in June 2015.

Afer - A Fernalese Film from Bruce Rimell
Shown at 'D&D Fernal' exhibition, San Francisco, USA (2015)
Lucaion - A Fernalese Film from Bruce Rimell
Shown at PoMoGaze art festival, Leeds, UK (2015)



In the early years of my artistict practice, I aspired not only to be a paintr and illustrator, but also a video artist, and as such, I created or collaborated on several short films for exhibitions. Three of them are shown here. 'Animated Palaeolithic' was produced for my 2009 solo exhibition 'Modern Palaeolithic' at Leeds College of Art & Design, exploring the life of the hunter gather and meanings within the cave art of the European Upper Palaeolithic, while 'Human Download' is rather more of a warped-conceptual, rapid-fire animated slideshow created for the ArtsMix* sponsored 'Born' exhibition at Holy Trinity Church, Leeds in June 2009. 'Flying Fox' was a collaboration with film-makers Adam Wells and Gary Palmer of Studio 163, as part of the 'This Is Not Cannes' art film festival in Bradford, UK in summer 2007. I also include here my short film of how the artwork The Tree Of Life And Death was created.

Tree of Life and Death from Bruce Rimell
Demonstrating how my artwork layers are steadily built up
Animated Palaeolithic from Bruce Rimell
Shown at 'Modern Palaeolithic' exhibition, Leeds, UK (2009)
Human Download from Bruce Rimell
Shown at 'Born' exhibition, Leeds, UK (2009)
Flying Fox from Bruce Rimell
Shown at 'This Is Not Cannes' film festival, Bradford, UK (2007)



In the years 2006-08, I also produced several art films and animations which sought to evoke and resonate with my visionary experiences with the Mexican entheogenic herb salvia divinorum as part of an ongoing Salviaspace project. This was to have resulted in a book of paintings and drawings, and a DVD of short films, called 'Salviavision'. However, as I turned professional with my practice in 2007, my artistic concerns took different turns and the book and DVD never materialised. I have always been grateful for the foundational effects salvia has had on my artistic visual style, and two of the films from this series are shown here. You can see the Salviaspace Archive here...

Envaginate from Bruce Rimell
A video poem exploring the sensual qualities of salvic visions.
The Leaf Remembers from Bruce Rimell
A homage to the visionary power of the salvia leaf.



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