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Welcome to the Poetry Portal for Xibalba Books, Bruce Rimell's unique publishing imprint and the outlet for beautiful poetry publications from his vast archive of poetic work. The Research Portal can be found here. Each book is beautifully presented, and designed with an artist's eye so as to delight the reader. From here you can purchase poetry titles such as The Fernal Songs and Ta Sba Balamil Ta Ch'ulel, as well as earlier works such as Xibalba Songs and Minver Stories. Please check out my LULU BOOKSHOP for all my research and poetry titles.


Something wonderful this way comes! I was a poet long before I was an artist, and have quietly kept it up since becoming an artist, with occasional poems accompanying artworks such as Xochipilli or The Dream Of Bellerophon, as well as other projects such as The Fernal World. It has been a constant, albeit background presence in my creative life.

Now, however, is the time to not be so quiet, to bring the poetic side of my soul into the foreground, and delve into my decades-deep archive of poetic works and present them to the wider world. I am therefore delighted to announce the release of my first five poetry books over Autumn & Winter 2021, representing a selection of projects and explorations from the mid-90s to the year 2015.

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Xibalba Songs 240
Minver Stories 240
Fernal Songs 240
Ta Sba Balamil 240
White Book 240

These are: Xibalba Songs, my first collection of poetry from 2003, republished in a beautifully presented third edition; Minver Stories, a weirdly mythical take on 90s clubland and playful escapades with ecstasy; The Fernal Songs, a collection of wild and queer mythmaking which accompanied my art series 'The Fernal World'; Ta Sba Balamil Ta Ch'ulel, an illustrated poetic travelogue of my 2014 trip to Mexico; and White Book, a visionary text exploring a sustained religious ecstatic experience from the turn of the millennium.

This series of books will form a new aspect to my Xibalba Books publishing imprint, the 'Xibalba Books Poetry Series', which will be an ongoing, beautifully presented series of my psychedelic, queer, fernal, sometimes psychogeographical and sometimes perhaps even visionary poetry!

At the time of writing, four further book projects are planned for 2022, including two further delvings into my poetry archives: a miscellaneous selection of work and a presentation of my Japanese tanka poetry from the turn of the millenium. There will also be another illustrated poetic travelogue, this time from a 2017 trip to Colombia, as well as a grandly-conceived epic poem exploring a wild network of autobiographical, visionary, queer and mythical inner feelings, landscapes and experiences.

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