:: Boy Under The Earth ::

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:: 2017 :: 30cm x 90cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

This artwork springs from an opening moment to a mind-blowing vision experienced in 2012, which culminated in the sensations depicted in my 2013 illustration Neurocosmic. A few days before starting this piece I found an old sketch of the moment, showing me sitting upon the ground as the vision began to take hold, and suddenly getting a very clear sense that, since it was night, the Sun was beneath me. My perspective leapt from my own to the Sun's point of view and the phrase 'boy under the earth' (meaning me, as viewed from the Sun) came to my mind. This image stayed with me as the more intense sensations of the vision begin to unfold, and although this artwork is intended to depict me, at night, at the top, it is also intended to be 180 degrees reversible, with the Sun at the top, mirroring my flip in perspective during this moment.

The two figures bear freshly expressed homoerotic body forms, and are wreathed in stars and solar energy. In the background, attendant beings from the human to the surrealistic lend a mythical flavour to the moment. This artwork intends also to depict two complementary images of Hyperactive (ADHD) and Queer Masculinity: the earthly ‘boy’ in the top half is subtly feminised through softened facial expression and ear-pendants, bringing my own self-image as a Queer Male into expression, while the solar figure’s unabashed light strikes up against traditional patriarchal masculinities which demand social and emotional restriction upon ‘manly’ behaviour and feeling.

Pointed fingers are both phallic (and hence an undercurrent of gay sexuality in their meeting) and expressive of connection, whether the emotive and queer connection between male lovers, or the visionary and cosmos-embracing experience of a link between deity and human, between astronomical body and earthbound soul, between self and other.

Boy Under The Earth

Boy Detail 1

Boy Detail 2

Boy Detail 3

Boy Detail 4



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