:: Three Tracks Upon A Coca Leaf Brought Me Light In Darkness ::

Blood     Bridge     Vision     Verdant     Verdant     Flashing     Neurocosmic     Neurocosmic     Neurocosmic

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:: Panel #9 (2023) :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

In 2017, I visited Colombia to spend eight days sitting ceremonies with indigenous people, as detailed in the Coca Seeds series of artworks. Chewing coca leaves in the cloud forests there was a quiet revelation of subtle visions and openings of the heart: these provoked a slow-burning revolution in me which continues to this day, even through current difficulties with chronic injury. This panel expresses something of those visions recast as now living in my body, and represents the latest visionary 'indwelling' that had taken place by the time I began to conceive of the 'series' (as it was) in 2019.

Human Visions 9

Human Visions 9 Detail

Human Visions Sketch

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