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The strange experiences of the global coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has initiated a major addition to my creative activities, and after 13 years of hiatus, I have returned to making electronic ambient music. I used to love creating music, but as my art career began to expand, I let it go even though there was always a question in the back of my mind. The UK lockdown from March to June 2020 was such a different and extraordinary time it made me feel like I should be doing something completely different too, and my thoughts returned to creating music which evoked the emotions and inner landscapes of these strange times. From this, the art/music crossover project Sparkling Isolation was born.

Since then, it is obvious that Sparkling Isolation was not a one-off project, but has set in motion a series of fundamental changes to my creative practice. In the short term, two more musical projects have emerged in late 2020 - an EP entitled Not All Who Wander Are Found, and a more ambitious album of piano composotions, orchestral textures and ambient soundscapes called There's Life On Bro ken Ground. The long-term aim is to fully integrate the visual and musical aspects of my arts practice together into seamless art/music crossover projects, which will hopefully include video and short film, and eventually perhaps multimedia exhibitions.

This page will present my ongoing musical evolution, both through individual projects (albums, EPs, and so on) and via links to media platforms as I steadily increase my musical presence online. Currently you can access my Bandcamp site, where all my music albums and EPs are hosted: you can preview my first album, Sparkling Isolation, and the EP, Not All Who Wander Are Found. My second album, There's Life On Broken Ground, will be available soon.


There's Life On Broken Ground (Album Cover)   Not All Who Wander Are Found EP   Sparkling Isolation (Album Cover)
There's Life On Broken Ground
(8 tracks - 48 mins)
  Not All Who Wander Are Found
(3 tracks - 21 mins)
  Sparkling Isolation
(13 tracks - 75 mins)
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