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Welcome to the Research Portal for Xibalba Books, Bruce Rimell's unique publishing imprint and the outlet for his research essays on Visionary Humanism. The Poetry Portal can be found here. Each book is beautifully presented, and designed with an artist's eye so as to delight the reader. From here you can purchase research titles such as On Vision and Being Human, Liminal Contact and They Shimmer Within, and view my The Minoan Epiphany research as well. Please check out my LULU BOOKSHOP for all my research and poetry titles.


In addition to being a visual artist, I am also an independent researcher, the explorations of which often run parallel to and interact with my arts practice. I am actively developing a philosophy called 'Visionary Humanism', which seeks to explore more holistic ways of thinking about human life and experience. You can find out more about this philosophy below.

My diverse research interests include: the religious and ritual practices of the Minoan civilisation of Bronze Age Crete; the origins of human symbolic cognition and its implications for twenty-first century epistemology; visionary and religious experiences in light of the cognitive science of religion and evolutionary psychology; and creative practices as Beyond-The-Self Exploration. So far, these researches have led to three beautifully illustrated books and one electronic publication. Click on the images below to find out more about each book.

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On Vision And Being Human
Liminal Contact
They Shimmer Within
The Minoan Epiphany



Since 2015, I have been devoting an increasing amount of my time to developing a philosophy of 'Visionary Humanism', which is an attempt to liberate a more holistic image of the human being in the context of symbolic cognition, the collective unreality and subjective meaningfulness of our inner and outer experience, and twenty-first century scientific knowledge. Its fundamental view is that understanding human phenomena such as art, religion and language requires one to take a complex, interdisciplinary approach which must necessarily avoid hyper-rationalist dismissals of outlying human experiences as well as literalist demands that what we experience or believe must be absolutely true.

This section contains a few links where you can discover a bit more about this emerging philosophy of 'Visionary Humanism', including a general statement on the philosophy written in 2017, which is the current status of this work-in-progress system of thought. Click on the images below to explore further. More to be added in the near future.


The Paradox of the Leopard   Visionary Humanism (May 2017)
A statement on the philosophy written as part of the introduction to my 2018 book They Shimmer Within. Here I outline some general principles regarding symbolic cognition, and the paradox of being human when it comes to supernatural beliefs such as gods and spirits.
The Paradox of the Leopard   The Paradox of the Leopard (March 2015)
Subtitled Some Diverse Thoughts Towards A Visionary Humanism, this is a collection of musings from several years ago, in which I seek to transcend various contemporary antagonisms towards a fuller and more integrated image of the 21st century human.


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