:: Afer the Fernal Creatrix ::

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:: 2015 :: 50cm x 75cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

Afer is the Fernal Creatrix, the First Woman whose body is the Fernal Cosmos and whose song and vitality animates every facet of its being. Although I have represented her obliquely in other works in this series - particularly in the UV images for Fernal Cosmos and Fernal Ocean Garden - this artwork icon shows her in the primordial moment in which the Fernal Cosmos is created. In the first two songs of the Thirteen Songs, Afer greets herself then opens up a portal, a vaginal quantum burst, from which she emerges before inventing orgasmic sexuality as the primary method of creation - both of these events are depicted here, with the portal separated on either side of the image and Afer's attendants re-enacting the primordial moment where she discovers the transcendent pleasures of orgasm.

In the centre, Afer - whose name simply means 'Nature' - gathers her consciousness into herself, having given birth to three eggs from which Ana, Atlai and Ayia will be born. Her queer, transendered nature is depicted in her mixed sexual organs and her intense red colouring suggests both the bloodwaters of birth and creation and menstrual blood, recalling that in the Fernal Cosmos, menstruation is a magical force as much as birth or being. Her grey hair depicts her great age, but she is both young and old simultaneously. This, then, is my image of a transcendent goddess and, in some ways, continues the themes explored in She Is In My Blood... and Thea but here in an imaginal and visionary context rather than a prehistorical one.

Afer the Fernal Creatrix



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