:: She Is In My Blood She Is My Shining Blood ::

2CB    Blood    Xochipilli    Moonchild    Lucifer    Neurocosmic    Form    Coatlicue

:: 2012 :: 100cm x 100cm in four panels:: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

:: παντα ρει ::

This work revisits and transforms an archetypal image which has been with me for many years and which was with me on the winter’s evening in late 1997 when I de...cided to become an artist: the menstruating goddess who gives birth to the Milky Way. At once an earthy image of raw blood power, it is simultaneously a celestial image, recounting how the heavens came to be.

This image emerges from a mythical time before the separation of Earth and Sky, when all of Creation rested in the Cosmogonic Womb, and for the past fifteen years has descended deeper and deeper into my psyche, my visionary senses and my being. I sometimes barely know what to write of her, for it is like writing of my Fundament, a place best experienced without words. We see her here quite simply, as the Primordial Mother with her three attendants, the effusive flow of the Milky Way her birthwaters as she brings the Cosmos into Being...

She Is In My Blood She Is My Shining Blood


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