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:: 2013-14 :: 60cm x 90cm :: Acrylics, Inks, Markers and UV Lacquer on Canvas ::

The Fernal Ocean Garden is a water-filled wonderland created by Ayia of the Underworld and secreted away as Afer's private domain of self-delight to which she retires after her children set about creating the Fernal World in detail. It doesn't feature in the Thirteen Songs often, but a few characteristics can be known: it is described as a Menstrual Paradise and the home of the Primordial Bloodwaters. In the Twelfth Song, the goddess Chianuia ('Ocean Trickster') emerges from the Ocean Garden to take part in the comedic farce narrated there, and in the Song of Lucaion we learn that two other sacred women, Mirosai ('Water Blessing') and Menesai ('Menstrual Blessing') dwell here. This is thus a profound place of female mystery and self-delight.

We see here Mirosai and Menesai giving birth to all the water, all of the blood and all of the menses of the Fernal World. These sacred waters coalesce in whirlpools functioning as the portals through which the three goddesses can leave the Ocean Garden to travel to the rest of the cosmos, and through which the visionary may be able to travel to experience the delights of the Menstrual Ocean also. In the UV image, we see a hybrid image of Afer and Chianuia giving rise to the world's water in a traditional crouched posture of childbirth.

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Fernal Ocean Garden

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