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:: 2013 :: 60cm x 90cm :: Acrylics, Inks, Markers and UV Lacquer on Canvas ::

The Fernal Earthly Garden is the heart of my vision of the Fernal World. Presided over by Ana ('Woman'), the eldest of Afer's children, she is the Fernal Agent of Creation in the garden when Afer, having birthed her three children the Primordial Cosmic Powers in the Third Song, retires to enjoy the world she has made. Here Ana is seen celebrating herself and her Earthly Delights as Mintxac ('Climbing Heart'), the World Tree which emerges from the Waters of the Middle Place in the Tiarzecatar ('Thirteen Songs') - the Tree and the Waters form the axis centre of the Fernal World, and much of the narrative action in the myths takes place or begins here.

We see Ana as the tree gazing at us with great joy as her branches and leaves spread out to cover the entire Earthly Garden. The Cosmic Egg-Vagina is replicated in the shimmering symbol hovering before her, and in her upper branches we see representations of the Flying Water People from the Tenth Song: Xactona ('Crow Woman'), Macatle ('Macaw Man') and a glowing Tirahuia ('Eagle Trickster'). The leaves of her tree are inscribed with letters signifying Achir's creation of the Fernalese writing system from Mintxac's leaves in the Thirteenth Song.

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Fernal Earthly Garden

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