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:: 2013-14 :: 60cm x 90cm :: Acrylics, Inks, Markers and UV Lacquer on Canvas ::

The Fernal Heavenly Garden is the creation of Atlai ('Man'), the Man of Heaven in the Song of Lucaion. He is the Fernal Agent of Creation in the Celestial Realm, and plays an interactive part in the continuous creation with the other Primordial Cosmic Powers. Here Atlai is seen standing upon the Heaventrack (the Fernal Milky Way) which leads from Earth to Heaven, with his arms open wide to welcome the arrival souls (and the viewer) into the wonders of the sky. Faintly visible in the background is the Perozon, the Cosmic Nightingale created by the Flying Water People in the Twelfth Song, who is here seen singing the Song of Heaven.

Shimmering over the whole scene is the Fernal Image of Time, another manifestation of Afer's Cosmic Egg-Vagina and an expression of the experience that before civlisation invented the clock, the sky was the prime indicator and measurer of time. Stars and serpents dance around the scene and the nightingale's wings are isncribed with songs as they melt downwards back into the Heaventrack. Thus a journey is visible here from the Milky Way up to the highest Heavens where the nightingale sings and a vaginal portal is faintly visible, before returning down the feathersor along the body of the shimmering serpents to the Heaventrack and Atlai's lithe and smiling form.

In the UV image, we see Atlai standing before the arch of the Milky Way, envisaged as the Heaventrack through which Lucaion sails in the Song of Lucaion. Here he is seen rising up from the Underworld in his living ship Ferzoncuai and setting the sky in order and placing the planets in the celestial sphere.

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Frnal Heavenly Garden

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