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:: 2013-14 :: 60cm x 90cm :: Acrylics, Inks, Markers and UV Lacquer on Canvas ::

The Fernal Underworld Garden is the heart of all magic in the Fernal World, presided over by Ayia ('Queer'), a transgendered, or third-gendered being who bears the multiple antlers of a powerful shaman and a blank gaze which discloses hir strangeness. S/he stands among a landscape made up of hybrid animal forms behind a shimmering symbol of Fernal Magic, his wings dripping fluid of both fertility and death. The sky is filled with text from the Song of Ayia which celebrates the vitality of the Underworld as much as its transformative power, and the setting Sun is ambiguous: it seems to narrate an ending, but could also be a beginning by rising.

In the UV image we see Ayia in a negative image, surrounded by more strange hybrid animals: floral forms and bird ladies give way to running gorgons and paredolic masks emerging out of the roiling visionary ether of the Underworld. We see Ayia here in hir rawest form, expressed only as the eyes of vision and with hir shamanic drum.

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Fernal Underworld Garden

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