:: The Birth Of The Milky Way ::

Minoan    Morningstar    Macuilxochitl    Feelspace    Milky Way    Orbiting    Roos Carr    Nine Nights    Ochkan    Beacon

:: 2021 :: 90cm x 30cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

This work has a long history, dating back to a vision from the late 90s in which a menstruating woman gave birth to the Milky Way. In 2012, I reimagined this image for an exhibition in Germany as the artwork She Is In My Blood She Is In My Shining Blood, and during the process of creating that work, I produced a sketch in a longform format, but which I rejected in favour of a different arrangement.

This artwork is the realisation of that initial sketch, and one which thematically and visually goes back to the very formative inspirations - inner visions, Huichol yarn paintings, wild mythical imaginings - of my arts practice. Rather than narrate it in detail, I leave it for the viewer to explore their own creative mythical interpretations.

Birth of the Milky Way


The original visionary image 'At The Edge Of The Milky Way'
(2004 version)

At the edge of the milky way


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