:: Morningstar ::

Minoan    Morningstar    Macuilxochitl    Feelspace    Milky Way    Orbiting    Roos Carr    Nine Nights    Ochkan    Beacon

:: 2021 :: 50cm x 40cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

This work was created as part of an initial attempt to integrate my visual art with my emerging music and poetry practices into a single coherent whole, with each aspect responding to the other during the compositional process. This resulted in a short film which can be seen below. The artwork is an experimental piece which ambiguously represents the rising of Venus amongst the fading stars in the early morning dawnlight. The poem then responds to this image and places it in both a mythological and personal context.


:: Click here to download ‘Morningstar’ as part of my ambient EP ‘Sketch Book' ::


Morningstar, 9th March 2021

they say
you were born
from the foam
of the winedark sea
but then

i open my eyes
for the heliacal morning
arise for uhtan
the winedark sky
turns to light

and i see you
emerging into the glow
of the dawnlit
blood of the sun


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