:: Feelspace ::

Minoan    Morningstar    Macuilxochitl    Feelspace    Milky Way    Orbiting    Roos Carr    Nine Nights    Ochkan    Beacon

:: 2021 :: 120cm x 60cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

This longform piece springs from a single moment during my one and only ayahuasca vision back in 2014, and was produced as the cover for my third ambient music album 'Feelspace'. During the winter, with the third coronavirus lockdown in the UK, I felt an urgent need to feel expansive spaces within me, and so both the album and this artwork - as well as the poetry which accompanies the album - were created in pursuit of these needs.

I had originally intended this artwork to be an intensely detailed work, similar in visual style to Morningstar, but instead arrived at an image which was emotionally sensitive and elegant in its simplicity.


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Selections from :: Feelspace :: poetry

i’m not afraid of the silence
i whisper
and close my eyes

i'm not afraid of the dark
take three steps

i'm not afraid of death
open my arms out wide
under the shimmering stars


but slow, slow
shimmer the stars
stillness of night

and soft, soft
whisper the breeze
through soft leaves

and feel, feel
cold the sand
under my bare feet


but i can be lost
in inner spaces
or bored

waiting in vain
for the imagined return
of a lost world

no oncoming waves
no shimmering stars
an absence

this unknown
has a secret name:


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