:: Chaos Within The Heart Of The Son Of The Sun Because I Love The Brother Of The Moon ::

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:: 2019-20 :: 30 metres x 0.92 metres :: Markers on Paper ::

Produced to commemorate 30 years since the death of his artistic hero Keith Haring, British artist Bruce Rimell presents a wild psychedelic, homoerotic and surrealistic ride through his imagination in the form of a thirty metre long drawing. Normally a painter of vivid artworks in a unique set of aesthetics, Bruce has returned to his first love of illustration to highlight the debt his visual style owes to Haring, even though the two artists have very different thematic concerns.

"I spent much of the first half of 2019 feeling disillusioned about my work as an artist," Bruce says, "But two visits to the stunning Keith Haring exhibition at the Tate Liverpool in September 2019 blew all that away, and reminded me of the foundational influence Haring has had on me and my work. Mindful that the thirtieth anniversary of his untimely passing was coming up, I wanted to create something spectacular - as mindblowing as his 1983 longform painting 'The Matrix' - in my own style and themes to express my gratitude for everything that Keith Haring was. His legacy, of course, lives on in his awesome and wide-ranging body of work, but it also endures and evolves through the work of the many artists - myself included - that he inspired with his art and life."

Spontaneously created over six weeks from November 2019 to January 2020, ‘Chaos Within…’ envisions the ecstasy, agony, sorrows and joys of a strange love triangle between one human (the ‘I’ in the title) and two visionary/mythical/otherworldly queer beings (the ‘Son of the Sun’ and the ‘Brother of the Moon’). The non-linear fantastical narrative is left to the viewer to decipher in their own way, with the long and winding title being the only real clue.


:: At the Tate Liverpool Keith Haring Retrospective, September 2019 ::

Bruce shirtless at Tate Liverpool Sep 2019

In front of Keith Haring's stunning 1983 longform painting 'The Matrix'...

Shirtless Bruce Keith Haring UV Room

...and enjoying the eye-popping work in the UV Room at the same exhibition!!

Keith Haring 'The Matrix' (1983) & Artworks from the UV Room at the Tate Liverpool
Copyright (c)1997–2019 The Keith Haring Foundation - All Rights Reserved


:: 'Chaos Within...' Detail Images ::

Chaos Within Detail 1

Chaos Within Detail 2

Chaos Within Detail 3

Chaos Within Detail 4

Chaos Within Detail 5

Chaos Within Detail 6

Chaos Within Detail 7

Chaos Within Detail 8

Chaos Within Detail 9

Chaos Within Detail 10

Chaos Within Detail 11


Shirtless Bruce Keith Haring UV Room again

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