:: Tears For Cacao ::

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:: 2018 :: 60cm x 45cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

Here is another artwork arising from my and my husband's 2017 trip to Colombia to attend an indigneous retreat detailed in the Coca Seeds section. During the reteat, I had had several visions gifted through coca, the ceremonies and the beautiful people and teachings we shared in the rain forest. However, on the night of the cacao ceremony, Chris had a vision - perhaps gifted by both coca and cacao together - which made him cry for the beauty of it. Late in the night, we sat down together and he described it to me in detail, and I promised to paint it for him.

He told me the vision took place against a deep blue sky filled with lightning and stars. First he saw, facing left, an Aztec man, speaking, blowing breezes and singing songs - he described how he saw the speech scrolls he knows from my art! - before the vision moved to a large cacao bean on top of which was a Mayan noble with full head-dress gazing into him. The vision completed when he then saw a medusa-like woman with serpents for hair, facing right, releasing snakes into the sky to become lightning. This artwork is my interpretation of his vision, given to him for his birthday nine months after we returned home.

Tears for Cacao


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