:: Laughing Out The Neurocosmic Joke ::

Kaggen    I Am Rain    Name of the Rain    Muisca    Boy    Ready    Cacao    Laugh    Salvic Voyager    Chaos

:: 2018 :: 75cm x 75cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

This artwork returns to the same 2012 vision with 2-CB & 2-CI narrated in Neurocosmic and Boy Under The Earth, and also related in some detail in my 2018 book They Shimmer Within. It relates a different episode to the previous two artworks in which both myself and the world appeared to be filled with shimmering beings redolent with intentions of their own, an experience which I remembered later as ‘making neurocosmic my hind-mind’!

I am not someone who believes in the supernatural, so to experience encounters with apparently-discarnate beings during visions is always an amusing moment. Psychologists and mythologists such as Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell tell us that all the gods and spirits are within us, but my experience goes further than this: we are the creators of these gods and spirits, both collectively in culture and individually. We imagine that gods and spirits made us, when in truth they are our creations, and the ‘cosmos’ in our mythologies is in truth ourselves and our collective social realities and shared values we call culture. This, then, is the neurocosmic joke: that so few people realise how we make our gods…

Laughing Out the Neurocosmic Joke

Neurocosmic Joke detail 1

Neurocosmic Joke detail 2

Neurocosmic Joke detail 3


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