:: N /Ne Kan E !Khwa ~ I Am Rain ::

Kaggen    I Am Rain    Name of the Rain    Muisca    Boy    Ready    Cacao    Laugh    Salvic Voyager    Chaos

:: 2017 :: 50cm x 50cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

During my first visit to the community of Melkhoutfontein, Western Cape, South Africa in February and March 2016, as part of the PaintUp with Kamamma project, I had a number of dreamlike experiences and visionary connections relating to a complex of indigenous Bushman beliefs about swifts, the rain and rock art. On returning home, these experiences flowed out of me to create an intuitive piece called !Khwa ~ Rain. However, I began to feel that I should carry this imagery and this vision with me always, and so I turned that artwork into a circular tattoo design, with a subtle feeling running through me that I had somehow been transformed into rain during those dreams. This artwork then sprang from the tattoo design…

The title in the proper orthography of the /Xam language is ŋ /ne kaŋ e: !khwa, meaning literally 'I am that which is rain'.

I Am Rain

I Am Rain Detail


The Swift People, Ezeljagdspoort, March 2016

Tattoo Design

Design for a tattoo on my back which I had done after returning from South Africa


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