:: Moonchild ::

2CB    Blood    Xochipilli    Moonchild    Lucifer    Neurocosmic    Form    Coatlicue

:: 2012 :: 50cm x 70cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::
:: Partially completed live at Cosmo Festival, Somerset, 1st-4th June 2012 ::

This image underwent a long mind-internal development. Originally springing from a meditation on the four sounds enfolded into the sacred syllable OM, with a primitive yogic-postured figure taken from an Indus Valley Civilisation sealstone, the image evolved into an androgynous figure enfolded into leaves expressive of both salvic vision and shamanic speech. Above the figure, three faces express the A of waking consciousness, the U of dreaming consciousness and the M of the consciousness without mind or awareness, while the androgyne itself lacks a mouth, expressive of the fourth sacred sound - the eternal silence, before, after and during the uttering of the syllable OM.


Moonchild being created at Cosmo Festival


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