:: Hear Me I Speak ::

Gaia    Eden    Christ    Glaucos    Speak    Janus   Word   Cana   Dakini

:: 2011 :: 30cm x 60cm :: Acrylics, Inks, Markers and UV Lacquer on Canvas ::

This piece is the fifth dual image UV work created, and the first to be exhibited in the UK. This is primarily a concept test for The Voice Project, taking its imagery from Panel 1 of the sketches for the large-format painting which I plan to create over the next two years. We see the visionary in front of a sacred landscape centred by a tree of life in which whistling spirits dwell. The visionary appears to be either transfixed or emotionally moved by something unseen. In the UV-illuminated 'Night' scene, we see the cause of this visionary state: a goddess whispering sacred words into his ear.

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Hear Me I Speak

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