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:: 2012 :: 50cm x 50cm :: Acrylics, Inks, Markers and UV Lacquer on Canvas ::
Given in love to my partner Chris on his 30th birthday

At the beginning of 2012, I created an artwork She Is In My Blood... as an inner expression of the shamanic menstruating woman who I sometimes feel is the source of all my visions. Once completed, the image immediately transformed into my mind, combining with another shamanic image experience from years ago, that of Vihó Man, to create a new vision, balanced between female and male, and interplaying cosmic and earthly energies. I felt moved to turn this vision into a tattoo design for myself, since it referenced visions that have stayed with me for many years.

As months went by, another image coalesced with the design, one that expressed my deepest love for my partner Chris, and expressing the endless gratitude I feel for the immense support he gives to me and my art. This dual image, then, is a highly personal artwork consisting of three transcendent experiences that have been most influential upon the direction of my artistic and creative practice - the Word Of Life envisioned in the menstruating woman, the Word of Magic envisioned in Vihó Man, and the Word Of Love envisioned daily to the man I share my life and my magic with. This artwork was gifted to my partner in recognition and joyful celebration of all these things. Just as I carry the vision now on my back, I give this vision image as an expression of my eternal love for him. If there are times when ‘I am in no mood... to refrain from letting the crazy out...’ then there are times when Chris simply brings me back into balance, and all my art is ultimately dedicated to him...

this is the Word of Life
the First Word spoken
a true creation emerged
from the depths of the Ocean
this is the Word of Love
the Second Word spoken
a circle was made between Two
forever unbroken
this is the Word of Art
the Third Word spoken
that speaks of Life and Love
with truth and devotion
forever unbroken

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Word of Life Word of Love

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Word Of Life tattoo design Word Of Life - my back


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