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:: 2010 :: 120cm x 120cm in 12 panels :: Acrylics, Inks, Markers and UV Lacquer on Canvas ::

This mandala of the Sacred Earth was produced for an exhibition in Cologne, Germany and was an experiment in a new method of practice: that of overlaying a hidden image visible only under UV light atop an image visible in normal light. In the daylight image (Gaia By Day) we see an image of the Earth floating in space, both protected by and emitting rays of energy, ancestral spirits and leaves of fertility. But when the ultraviolet illuminates the image(Gaia By Night), it is transformed into a sorrowful image of Gaia, mourning the injury that mankind does to her and crying for her lost innocence as she floats in the infinity of space. A third hidden image is subtly enfolded into the night image, that of a Third-Eye angelic figure, reminding us of Gaia's much greater (in)sight and wisdom...

Thus, the hidden image completely transforms the daylight image and powerfully reminds us of the visionary and sacred immanence which is enfolded into the Earth and which pervades its every essence. One can only see it when one perceives the world in a certain way - as Black Elk put it, 'seeing in a sacred manner' - just as one can only see the hidden image under UV light. During the show, each time the lights were dimmed and the UV illumination switched on to reveal Gaia, there arose a gasp from the onlookers: the sudden emergence of the sacred can hold us in a moment of surprise, transcendence and wonder as we remember who we are, and what the true essence of our still-beautiful planet means...

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Words For Gaia
January 13, 2010

With tears in my eyes…

I am starting to see
How I am killing you

I am starting to see
How your infinite threads
Permeate my inner and outer

I am starting to see
How with eyes closed
I am ripping you apart

I am starting to see
The thread-wounds I am causing you

I am starting to see
How my tear-ful wounds
Permeate outward and outer

I am starting to see
How with eyes closed
I have tried to disconnect from you


I am starting to see
How I am killing me too

And I ask you:
What is to become of us?

Do we bear the scars of your ashen-grey heart
With us to the stars?

Do we rest with peace in our souls
In green Gaia home?

Do we stand astride burning galaxies
Despised by the very cosmos fabric
Of which we are made?

Do we seek solace in your threadlike green
Hiding from the very demons
Of which we are made?

Do we seek wisdom in your infinite eyes
Recreating the very sacred essences
Of which we are made?

Or do we die
And are we forgotten?

I am starting to see today...

Gaia in Twilight


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