:: Becoming Christ ::

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:: 2011 :: 90cm x 90cm :: Acrylics, Inks, Markers and UV Lacquer on Canvas ::

This is the third dual-image day/night artwork I created after Gaia and Crossing Heaven - this medium uses my usual acrylics, inks and markers to create a mandala image seen under normal daylight. However, when the image is illuminated by ultraviolet light, a second image - the night image - is revealed.

In September 2010, during a visit to the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, Germany, I became transfixed by a painting by Salvador Dali called The Station At Perpignan. The full story of this experience can be read by clicking here. This artwork imaginally re-creates that moment, aiming to transfix the viewer in the same way that I was transfixed. By day, we see an image of myself celebrating in Cologne, arms out alofdt gazing at the Cologne cityscape. My partner Chris can be seen with me, and my good friend Katarina, who also witnessed the original transfixing experience, is also present. So by day, we see the 'outer' experience - what others saw.

By night, we see my 'inner' experience - what I felt on that day - and the scene is transformed to the Crucifixion on the Hill of Golgotha. Bathed in Sophic moonlight, I become a Christ figure, arms outstretched and facing the viewer reminiscent of the hanging upon the Cross. Chris and Katarina become the disciple John and Mother Mary respectively, and the night image completely retranslates what is seen by day. When shown in Germany, this piece provoked much debate, particularly the (rather shamanic) aspect that one could 'become' a Christ, but also aroused much wonder in the sudden change from daylight to transfixing night.

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Becoming Christ

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