:: Beyond Demons And Angels ::

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:: 2011-2016 :: 120cm x 60cm :: Acrylics, Inks, Markers and UV Lacquer on Canvas ::

“Out beyond ideas of Right and Wrong, there is a field. I'll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about…”
– Rumi

There has ben a flow running within me the last few years - whether it springs from a Queer perspective, or simply because I am getting older I do not know - that is moving beyond the dualities and identities of both the modern and traditional worlds into something simultaneously new and ancestral, from before the high civilisations of the Bronze Age. At the same time, there is within me a deep but emerging urge to push past all the good/evil, right/wrong that seems to fill our society and which is reaching fever pitch as we lose ourselves in the incidental and the everyday. I am finding myself more enchanted by the Light Within, that is best seen when one has divested of everything that religion, society and culture deems worthy or unworthy - I am seeing in myself a desire to know who I am, and to declare my independence from anything that would cut my humanity to serve ideological and religious worldviews. I am leaving all that behind to seek something new.

some of us seem only
to police the boundaries
of pretend-tribal moralities...
some of us seek firmly
to slice bleeding lines
into sacred human souls...
some of us move simply
beyond demons and angels
to gaze unwaveringly
at the stars...

This artwork was a long time in the making. It began life as a sketch for the 2010-11 series Dreams & Nightmares, but I felt that it needed more time to incubate, that the flow within me that was driving the imagery needed time to mature. Eventually I marked it out onto canvas on 31st December 2012 as a talisman for the New Year, but other projects and difficulties with colour selections meant that it wasn't until Summer 2016 that it finally got completed.

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Beyond Demons And Angels

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