:: Song of Sky Trickster ::

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:: 2014 :: 50cm x 50cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

This is another work springing from my collection of Fernal Myths, in this case from the Thirteen Songs, the playful cycle of creation narratives from the Garden of Fernal Delights. Here is seen the adventures of Tzihuia, the Sky Tricksters, whose actions tend to oppose the naturally fernal and egalitarian nature of the mythical events, but in trying to subvert the joy of the Fernal Cosmos, he only succeeds in humiliating himself or making the Fernal Creatrix Afer laugh. We see him attempting to steal fire and burning his hands, being healed by Lucaion at the top right, but the central theme is the comedy of Song Twelve, in which Tzihuia tries to punish Metehuia (the spirit of fire), turning into an eagle to attack him. Distracted by Chainuia's beauty he accidentally fellates Metehuia (!!!) and reacts by spitting, creating the Milky Way. In a rage, he storms off to create this Infernal World (near top left) and thus, this sexual farce turns seamlessly into Gnostic myth.

Song of Sky Trickster



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