:: Song Of Lucaion ::

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:: 2014 :: 90cm x 30cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::
Partially completed live at Leeds Art Gallery, June 2014

This narrative work springs from my Song Of Lucaion, a Fernal Odyssey in five parts that seeks to utlise creative mythology techniques to create a sacred precedent for queer masculinities. Here, rendered in petroglyphic style, we see the entire Song narrated from left to right, in which Lucaion, the queer hero of the song, is greeted by Atlai the Man of Heaven and as they lay together they create the planets which Lucaion must now gather up in his singing ship Ferzoncuai. He does this not by skill or cunning, or through violence, but by interacting with the spirit of each planet to charm them into his ship.

At length, he descends into the Underworld and dies, only being revived by the efforts of the planet spirits to cause Ayia, the Queer Shaman of the Underworld, to fall in love with him. They lay together for eight nights and then Lucaion returns to the sky to place the planets there before returning to Earth to sit with Ana and sing the Songs of Creation. Here, then, the loves and sexual activities of Lucaion - Atlai, male - Ayia, queer - Ana, female - narrate the changing gender identities of Lucaion upon his voyage, and point an interactive way forward for masculinities liberated from the oppositional paradigms of the past. You can read the full Song Of Lucaion here.

Song of Lucaion

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