:: They Seek A Blessing On Mount Yiouchtas ::

Labyrinth    Epiphanies    Salute    Kykeon    Kite    Mariner    Union    Seek

:: 2009 :: 30cm x 82cm (two individual works) :: Acrylics, Inks & Markers on Canvas ::

A work expressing the sanctity of that most sacred of Minoan mountains, towering above the ancient town of Archanes in the north-central region of Crete, atop which was once the largest peak sanctuary in the Minoan world. People must have come from all over the island to be transformed here, convene with the goddess and partake of the kind of epiphany experience so commonly seen in Minoan art. Interestingly this peak is now sacred to the Transfigured Christ, that moment where Christ was unified with Moses and Elijah as one being. Millenia before, Minoans came here to be similarly transformed and transfigured in a union both with the Lady of the Mountain and the precursor to Zeus, whose face is still visible in profile on the mountain today. Religions change, rituals change, but sacred functions - transfigurations, transformations - remain the same across millennia and memories are encoded into landscapes...

They Seek A Blessing On Mount Yiouchtas


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