:: Kykeon ::

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:: 2009 :: 30cm x 82cm :: Acrylics, Inks & Markers on Canvas ::

A work rendered in a style inspired by the colours and body-forms of Minoan Cretan frescoes which depicts the moment in which a devotee of the Eleusinian Mysteries drinks the famous kykeon drink which was an important part of their rituals. We see one female devotee in the act of drinking whilst in the background an array of female dancers form a psychedelic pattern reminiscent of the visionary experiences the ancients reported. The use of Minoan imagery for a Classical Greek ritual is appropriate since ancient sources held that the Mysteries came from Crete in the first place. Patterns in the background and on the bodies and faces of the devotees come from incision forms in Cretan Bronze-Age painted ceramics.



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