:: Six Epiphanies ::

Labyrinth    Epiphanies    Salute    Kykeon    Kite    Mariner    Union    Seek

:: 2009 :: 30cm x 30cm (six individual works) :: Acrylics, Gouache, Inks & Markers on Canvas ::

The vision of the epiphany in Minoan and Aegean art is an oddity when compared with other iconographies of the late Bronze Age in the Eastern Mediterranean, seeming not so much an idiosyncratic cultural development as it does a survival from much earlier Neolithic times. These images of female forms may well represent a deity, but more intriguingly, an interpretation derived from embodied archaeological theory suggests these may be instructional postures designed to elicit visionary experiences during Minoan rituals. The tense lines of many Minoan figurines seems to support this. These six works are a celebration of this experiential sacred practice. Each piece is subtitled (top row left to right) 1 - Procession, 2 - Salute, 3 - Seated, (bottom row left to right) 4 - Flight, 5 - Presence, 6 - Song.

Six Epiphanies


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