:: Minoan Ring Seal - Tying The Sacral Knot ::

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:: 2009 :: 40cm x 30cm Oval :: Inks, Markers & Aerosol Paint on Canvas ::

An important, but again unknown, aspect of Minoan religion was the sacral knot, which is consistently seen being either worn or born by females. Reminiscent in form to the much later Gordian knot which is alleged (by Robert Graves among others) to have concealed a religious secret, this knot was often shown on the front of the ‘apron’ of female images or as a knot in the hairstyle. Here we see a scene of daily life in which a dance or ritual leader is having her sacral knot tied by an attendant as other dancers lead a procession in the background.

Tying The Sacral Knot


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