:: Minoan Ring Seal - The Vision On The Baetyl ::

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:: 2009 :: 40cm x 30cm Oval :: Inks, Markers & Aerosol Paint on Canvas ::

In many public spaces in Minoan ruins, there are often found narrow rocks – possibly related to the Classical baetyl – which has been intentionally sealed upright in the ground and often accompanied by sacred symbols such as the double axe or horns of consecration. Images on ring seals depicting men and women leaning on these rocks in the specific pose shown above inform us of how these installations were used, but are silent on why. At first thought to be a fertility stone with which the adorant might be seen to be ritually copulating, there are now a number of competing ideas. McGowan has noted the tense position of the adorants in each case and has included the baetyl in her survey of postures which may be conducive to a visionary epiphany experience.

The Vision On The Baetyl


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