:: Epiphanion ::

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:: 2011 :: 30cm x 82cm :: Acrylics, Inks & Markers on Canvas ::

A continuation of the sub-series begun with Kykeon exploring Minoan visionary sacraments, this work expresses one of the major culminations of Minoan religion and ritual life: the epiphanic encounter with the goddess. We see a celebrant of the epiphany bearing a sistrum rattle to induce trance surrounded by images of the Minoan Epiphany - a floating goddess, visionary birds, insects and eyes - against a sky covered with writing. This text comes from the Minoan Libation Formula, a partly-deciphered sequence of Linear A often found inscribed on altars at peak sanctuaries and other sites, and thought to constitute a dedication to a possibly-epiphanic goddess. It is with this archaic image, of the greatest expression of pre-Greek Aegean visionary culture, that the Minoan Honey series closes.


Minoan Libation Formula

Minoan Libation Formula

RU-KA-SI // I-PI-NA-MA // SI-RU-TE // TA-NA-RE-TE // ??-??-?? // I-DA-A


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