:: The Vision On The Baetyl ::

Ica    Mykeon    Mekoneon    Glaukion    Baetyl    Palaikastro    Psychro    Glaucos Dream    epiphanion

:: 2011 :: 90cm x 30cm :: Acrylics, Inks & Markers on Canvas ::

At many Minoan sites, often in public squares, can be seen small standing stones whose purpose is not entirely clear until one looks at depictions on Minoan Ring Seals - here we see both men and women gripping the rock in various postures suggestive of either a dance or a ritual copulation, and the floating figure of the floating epiphany goddess with downward-pointing feet can be seen. Here, then, is a vibrant depiction of that baetyl ritual in which the young man's vision can be seen.

I believe that the myth of Talos - the bronze age giant who threw rocks at ships - derives iconotropically from this ritual: one can image a now-lost ring seal of a baetyl visionary wearing beautiful anklets whilst gripping a rock as he beholds a vision of the goddess in the Minoan ship of plenty, and see how later peoples who didn't understand the Minoan principle of epiphany might have mistaken this for someone throwing rocks at passing ships, and the anklet for the stopper that held the ichor in...

The Vision On The Baetyl


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