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The basic plan for The Voice is to create a 13 panel, dual-image mural with each panel being 5ft (150cm) highby 2.5ft (75cm) wide, the final mural being around 33ft (10m) long. The dual-image format will liberate one image by daylight (using acrylic, ink and marker media) and another, different image under ultraviolet illumination. Thus it has been necessary to produce two large-scale plans for the 13 panels: one for daylight, and one for UV illumination. These I have called the Primary Image Plan and the UV Image Plan respectively, and they are visible in the short films visible below. These videos have no sound, and you can click on the 'full-screen' icon on the bottom right to view them full screen.

Primary Daylight Image Sketch Plan
13 Panel scan of the Daylight Image
U.V. Image Sketch Plan
13 Panel scan of the UV Image

The Primary Image Plan draws from psychogeographic and visionary experiences I have had since childhood as well as megalithic archaeology. Central to this layer of imagery are the locales that have long inspired me and that I have long felt are deeply sacred: Glastonbury, Stonehenge, the landscapes of Cornwall, Wiltshire and Ilkley Moor in Yorkshire. The Living Soul of the Land in this Daylight Image sleeps in the central panels of the planned artwork. Welsh mythology features strongly in the UV Image Plan, most notably the perennial theme in the Mabinogion of the boat journey to the Otherworld. The sacred Silbury Hill in Wiltshire forms the central focus of this image, and in the nightlight of the UV Image, the Living Soul of the Land awakes with eyes wide open!

On this page I also include two of the original videos I used for the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds to cover some of the costs for this Grand Artistic Initiative back in Spring 2013. The first is a general introduction to my work and arts practice, followed by an outline of The Voice, its ethos and visionary purpose. The second is a short film of me speaking about the project on the first day of the campaign. Enjoy!

The Voice Project from Bruce Rimell
Introducing the project for my IndieGogo campaign in 2013
Bruce talks about The Voice Project
Talking about the project with a projection of Panel #1

It should be noted that the scale of The Voice has slightly changed since that second video was made - the projected panel in the film is 6ft tall, however after the conclusion of the crowdfunding campaign, I decided to drop the scale slightly so that each panel measured 5ft tall. This was partly due to the discontinuation of 6ft canvases of the Loxley quality canvas brand that I use, and partly due to space considerations. The project's beauty remained delightfully undiminished by this decision!


About the Project    Progress    Plans    Sketches

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