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From the beginning, I have felt that The Voice should be image-driven, that the artwork should in some senses 'construct itself' with as little conceptual or theoretical input from myself as possible, as if the images themselves were guiding the composition, coalescing onto the central image experience to bring forth an enduring sense of the numinous in everty aspect of the multi-layered imagery. Expanding this instinctive approach into a much larger scale, I spent much of the years from 2010-13 creating preparatory sketches, visual notes for ideas and textures and occasional arrangements, all of which are intended to fit into the grander scheme of the final 13 panel artwork. Here, then, are a selection of these sketches arranged roughly by season and year, much of which flowing into the Primary Image Plan and the UV Image Plan.

:: WINTER 2010 - SPRING 2011 ::




:: SUMMER - WINTER 2011 ::



:: SPRING - SUMMER 2012 ::



:: AUTUMN 2012 ::




:: WINTER 2012 ::




:: SPRING 2013 ::




:: WINTER 2014 / SPRING 2015 ::




About the Project    Progress    Plans    Sketches


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