:: The Night I Discovered My Bones ::

Cavemind   Unity   Animism   San   Sacrifice   Torn   Shadow   Shamansci   Bones   Death   Bubbles

:: 2010 :: 30cm x 90cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

This work recalls a single-evening visionary experience when I was twenty-two years old, which has over the years had a profound effect on me, particularly in the way I view myself, my body and my mortality. In this vision, I experienced my skin rolling away from my body and peeling back to reveal my bones, a sensation I found amusing more than horrifying. Over the years I have tried to re-envisage this experience a number of times using rhytmic poetic narrative, but in this first visual attempt to explore what I consider to be yet another tearing apart, I wanted to communicate the psychedelic joy and celebratory nature of this LSD-inspired vision.

The Night I Discovered My Bones


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