:: And My Bubbles Burst Into Song ::

Cavemind   Unity   Animism   San   Sacrifice   Torn   Shadow   Shamansci   Bones   Death   Bubbles

:: 2010 :: 30cm x 90cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

During numerous experiments with psychedelic plants, I have had experiences of a decidedly alien nature, essentially bringing me into contact with what are termed in the literature ‘machine elves’. These curiously other-worldly beings appear to emerge from the very fabric of reality, often from one’s own body or the space around it, and are experienced as having an entirely separate intention and existence from oneself. This work, then, envisages many of my own experiences with these 'beings': the female form remembers the experience of a particularly intense vision, and in some ways, for all the strangeness of the works in the Life:Blood series, this joyful work is the most surreal and least connected to our daylight world.

And My Bubbles Burst Into Song


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