:: Shape Of A Mind ::

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:: 2016 :: 25cm x 35cm :: Acrylics, Inks, Markers and UV Lacquer on Canvas ::

What is the shape, form and structure of the human mind? Such an abstract question can only really be answerred with models and metaphors, and indeed artistic images, since ultimately what we call 'mind' is most likely an extremely complex product - or a radically parallel, complex interacting set and meta-set of products and meta-products! - of the brain, its neurons and its dizzyingly complex interconnections. One of the most productive models of mental structure of recent years, however, is the 'massively modular' model from cognitive science and evolutionary psychology, in which a vast domain of innate propensities and evolved dispositions is proposed to account for the fundaments of human psychology, behaviour and culture. Naturally, the dogmatic 'blank slate' Modernist is horrified by this picture of an innate human nature, but it is supported by a vast array of real, empirical data, rather than armchair theorizing and faulty introspection. This artwork expresses that modularity, while in the UV image, the notion of a seemingly-unified human agency and consciousness is seen emerging as a complex product of that modularity.

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Shape Of A Mind

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