:: Liminal Contact ::

Shape    Soul    Ubiquity    Swift    Liminal    Out There    Vitality    Beyond    Evo Beauty

:: 2016 :: 25cm x 35cm :: Acrylics, Inks, Markers and UV Lacquer on Canvas ::

The original title for this piece was 'Ever Fallen into Artistic Love and Felt Him Paint You Back...?', however once completed I decided to use it as the book's cover image, and as such the title changed to 'Liminal Contact'. Since one of the major themes in the book is the appearance cross-culturally and prehistorically of 'otherworldly' attributes in art, including the common belief that some magical domain, supernatural realm or spirit presence exists beyond a painted surface, (on cave walls for example), I thought the book should be adorned with one of my own 'otherworldly' artistic experiences: the sense I often get when painting that the artistic subject is coming alive and drawing me into its world of depiction. While I accept this sensation is entirely subjective, it is at times remarkably real-seeming and convincing!

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Shape Of A Mind

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