:: An Evolutionary Psychology of Beauty ::

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:: 2016 :: 25cm x 35cm :: Acrylics, Inks, Markers and UV Lacquer on Canvas ::

Evolutionary psychologist Denis Dutton argued in his stunning book 'The Art Instinct' that many of the artistic aesthetics we observe cross-culturally, such as a love of symmetry, or a attraction to certain combinations of landscape features, are founded upon evolutionary propensities which originally evolved for other reasons pertaining to survival and sexual selection, and which are 'hijacked' to facilitate artistic production and aesthetic pleasure. One aspect of this 'evolutionary psychology of beauty' is evoked here by presenting an attractive human face overlaid with lines of geometry suggesting that aesthetic pleasure in artistic symmetry originally evolved to judge symmetry in human faces. The day image shows a male face, the UV image a female face.

:: Hover the mouse over the image to flip between daylight and UV images ::

Shape Of A Mind

:: Tablet Users - Tap the image to see the UV Image::
:: Tap outside the image to return to the Daylight Image::


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