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In 2016 I published a treatise entitled Liminal Contact, which challenges the dogmatic ideology of the 'death' of painting at its fundament by exploring cognitive, archaeological and anthropological information far beneath the available purview of art criticism, and demonstrates the vitality and humanity of the practice of painting in the twenty-first century. To accompany the book, I produced a series of 13 small-scale, experimental Dual Image works that sought to evoke one of the conclusions within the text, which suggested there might be a “fascinating possibility for a kind of cognitive painting...” which could lend multiple dimensions to the customary two-dimensional representation of the painted medium.

Liminal Contact Series

This latter aim was achieved mostly through the disrupting the canvas medium in various ways, as I explain in an endnote to the book explaining the ethos behind the series: “Each canvas was ritually torn... before any painting or image-making could begin, and the artwork grew at least partially around and in response to these rips and holes... Thus, in ‘Swift People Dreaming’... a large tear towards the bottom of the composition acts as a perceived portal to an ‘otherworld’ out from which several swift-people fly, some of whom disappear into another rip towards the top of the image...

Each artwork is also Dual-Image - a hidden image visible only under UV light is also present - and thus in addition to the customary two dimensions of a painted surface, a third dimension of a hidden-but-present UV image is evoked in addition to the fourth dimension of a domain 'behind' the canvas suggested by the rips and tears. This series thus attempts to expand the dimensionality of painting and image-making in novel ways, whilst evoking the deep humanity and contemporary vitality of painting that continues to exist regardless of what the theorists and critics may superfically argue.

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