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“I am human and I am an artist... Every single day of my life, this is a mind-blowing joy.”

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News & Events

Broken Ground  

There's Life On Broken Ground
An intimate and emotional exploration of local landscapes during the global pandemic

I am proud to proud to bring you my first longform art film, 'There's Life On Broken Ground', produced over 15 months during the 2020-21 Covid-19 pandemic. Created from my 2020 music album of the same name, the film runs through 16 ‘episodes’ exploring different seasons, landscapes and feelings, all presented as intimate and emotional responses to the local landscape and the strange situations of life during a global pandemic. This is a unique production, and nothing like anything I have ever created before in my arts practice, perhaps mapping out a new possible future...


Feelspace - Bruce's third ambient music album
A 40-minute journey into ambient glitch with gestural and spontaneous movements

I am proud to announce the release through Bandcamp of my third album 'Feelspace', an emotional and meditative musical journey produced during the third coronavirus lockdown in the UK. At a time when I really needed to feel space and new experiences, I delved deep into new musical textures instead, experimenting with glitch textures and spontaneous compositions. An evolution from my previous albums, it retains the orchestral textures of There's Life On Broken Ground and the meditative atmosphere of Sparkling Isolation but with a new emotional sensitivity.

Vienna 2020  

Emergence - An International Charity Art Exhibition
Laxenburg Castle, Schloßpl. 1, 2361 Laxenburg, Vienna, Austria - September 2021

I am thrilled to announce I have been selected to participate in this upcoming exhibition co-hosted by Dreams & Divinities and A Chance For Happiness, an Austrian charity which works for people living with depression and suicidal thoughts. I will be showing my artwork ‘True Words of K’awiil In The Library’, along with a glittering array of artists in the remarkable venue of Laxenburg Castle. The exhibition will hopefully open in September 2021, so long as the coronavirus pandemic allows. The exhibition has been delayed since May 2020, but at last we are getting ready for our Emergence!

Fungible Token: 'Artwork' & Statement of Protest Against NFTs - Some of you may have seen the emergence of the NFT crypto art market. I have serious concerns about this new venture in relation to environmental damage, art theft, and a rigged hyper-capitalist system which is toxic to the wellbeing of most creatives and artists. I have produced a daft conceptual artwork and a serious statement of protest against NFTs and cryptoart here.

Visions 2021
There have been a lot of new changes to this site recently, including a new Music section, where you can explore my re-emerging musical output, and a new art gallery, Visions 2021, showing the newest work from my studio. There is also some exciting news on another re-emerging part of my creative life: Poetry. Click the link for more details, or Sign Up for my Arts Newsletter to be kept up-to-date on everything!

Minoan Epiphany Book Cover  

The Minoan Epiphany: A Bronze Age Visionary Culture
A fascinating new monograph on Minoan art available as a free PDF Electronic Publication

I am delighted to announce the release of my new research monograph after 11 years of research into Minoan art from Bronze Age Crete. This beautifully illustrated text explores a corpus of images from gold rings and other sealing images which depicts the epiphany, a series of rituals in which religious celebrants appear to experience direct and seemingly ecstatic encounters with deities. This collection of essays explores this central aspect of Minoan religion, taking a strongly archaeological focus to allow the artefacts to speak for themselves, moving from traditional ‘representational’ interpretations into ‘embodied’ perspectives in which the ecstatic capabilities of the human body throw new light on Aegean Bronze Age ritual practices, and whichchallenge passive modern assumptions about the nature of religious feelings and experiences. This book is released as a free Electronic Publication in PDF format, available here on my website, on my Academia.edu portal, and also via Google Books.

Voice Project  

The Voice Project - 2020 Update!
Creating a 13-panel, 33-ft long visionary mural of the Island of Britain

My Voice Project, my ten year initiative to create a 13 panel, 33 foot long visionary mural expressing the lost mythologies of the Island of Britain, is nearing completion! The Daylight image is due to be finished by summer 2020, while autumn and winter will be the time when the UV image across all 13 panels will be completed. A film and a book are planned for early-to-mid 2021, but for now you can explore the Voice Project website to see some of the latest stages in this grand labour of love! It feels fantastic to have one of my flagship projects coming so close to being finished after so many years.


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