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“I am human and I am an artist... Every single day of my life, this is a mind-blowing joy.”

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News & Events

Minoan Epiphany Book Cover  

The Minoan Epiphany: A Bronze Age Visionary Culture
A fascinating new monograph on Minoan art available as a free PDF Electronic Publication

I am delighted to announce the release of my new research monograph after 11 years of research into Minoan art from Bronze Age Crete. This beautifully illustrated text explores a corpus of images from gold rings and other sealing images which depicts the epiphany, a series of rituals in which religious celebrants appear to experience direct and seemingly ecstatic encounters with deities. This collection of essays explores this central aspect of Minoan religion, taking a strongly archaeological focus to allow the artefacts to speak for themselves, moving from traditional ‘representational’ interpretations into ‘embodied’ perspectives in which the ecstatic capabilities of the human body throw new light on Aegean Bronze Age ritual practices, and whichchallenge passive modern assumptions about the nature of religious feelings and experiences. This book is released as a free Electronic Publication in PDF format, available here on my website, on my Academia.edu portal, and also via Google Books.

Bandcamp Link  

Sparkling Isolation - Bruce's re-emergence into the world of music
Returning to ambient music production with a 75-minute album of textured soundscapes

The 2020 coronavirus lockdown in the UK has initiated a major addition to my creative activities, and after 13 years of hiatus, I have returned to making ambient electronic music with meditative melodies and textured soundscapes. My first release, Sparkling Isolation, a 75 minute album delving into the psychology and emotional landscapes of these strange times, is now available to download from my Bandcamp site. I have also opened up a new Music section here to document my ongoing musical adventures. A series of UV paintings is also visible, presented as an art/music crossover project.

Visions 2019
There have been a lot of new changes to this site recently, including a new Music section, where you can explore my re-emerging musical output, as well as two new art galleries: Human Visions in the 'Visions' section, and Sparkling Isolation in the 'Exhibits'. There is also a series of articles on upcoming work - entitled Art Experiments & Projects Under Development - in which you can read about my future plans. Sign Up for my Arts Newsletter for the latest updates on my expanding art, music, research & creative practices!
Visions 2019

Vienna 2020  

Emergence - An International Charity Art Exhibition
Laxenburg Castle, Schloßpl. 1, 2361 Laxenburg, Vienna, Austria - July or September 2020

I am thrilled to announce I have been selected to participate in this upcoming exhibition co-hosted by Dreams & Divinities and A Chance For Happiness, an Austrian charity which works for people living with depression and suicidal thoughts. I will be showing my artwork ‘True Words of K’awiil In The Library’, along with a glittering array of artists in the remarkable venue of Laxenburg Castle. The exhibition was due to open in May. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this has been re-scheduled for July or September, whenever global public health permits. We are getting ready for our Emergence!

Studio Salon  

Artist Turns His Studio Into Stunning Psychedelic Gallery
A relaxing Slow TV video experience for your viewing pleasure during the coronavirus lockdown

In the first week of lockdown here in the UK, I decided to transform my studio into a kind of Salon Art Gallery, taking a big selection of my artworks from the past ten years, and filling the space – wall-to-wall, floor, bed, window and every available space! – with as much art as I could, filming it in glorious psychedelic technicolour! Both similar and different to musicians doing livestreams, or museums offering virtual tours, the film that results is 20 minutes of ‘Slow TV’ viewing pleasure, and each artwork is titled so you can explore each one further on my website if you want to go deeper.


Convergence - Art in the Age of Pandaemonia
An international exhibition for the benefit of frontlines in the fight against COVID-19

I am delighted to announce I have been invited to participate in an international exhibition of visionary, surrealist and psychedelic art in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. With the various protective measures currently in operation, the exhibition is taking place online, featuring artworks from renowned artists from all over the world. The exhibition opens on April 21st 2020, and will be visible via the Dreams & Divinities website, and also mirrored at yvetteendrijautzki.com. There will also be an official catalogue for the show, and the online premiere will take place on Tuesday April 21st 2020.

Paris Show Dec 2019  

Fêlures et Lumière - Cracks and Light
Atelier Gustave, 36 rue Boissonade, 75014 Paris - 2nd to 6th December 2019

I am delighted to announce my participation in an Art Charity Gala Exhibition in Paris this December, co-hosted by Dreams & Divinities and A Chance For Happiness, an Austrian charity which works for people living with depression and suicidal thoughts. I have produced three new artworks for this show, the first in a new series entitled 'Human Visions', which evokes foundational visionary experiences of mine and re-envisages them using simultaneously old and new visual styles from my own personal artistic history. I am deeply honoured to have been invited to take part in this show, for such a great cause.

Untold History Book Cover  

Untold History
An exciting new sci-fi novel exploring humanity's strange, alien origins - Released September 2019

I am thrilled to have been commissioned to produce the artwork and cover design for my husband Chris Rimell's debut science-fiction novel, Untold History. Twelve years in the making, his book explores an alternative evolutionary path of humanity, while attempting to remain generally faithful to current anthropological knowledge. We follow Mark Besant on a journey with the newly-formed Space Agency for Russia and America, who recruit him for a secret lunar mission in which he must face his family's past and his strange dreams of an alien world. Encountering our ancient ancestors, he uncovers the long-forgotten meaning of human life on Earth: a voyage into half-remembered memories, the cold expanse of space, and the unknown. Caught in a web of ancient conspiracies, Mark must fight for the truth, his life, and the future of our planet, taking humanity to the brink of a new age of knowledge... or interstellar war.

Voice Project  

The Voice Project - 2020 Update!
Creating a 13-panel, 33-ft long visionary mural of the Island of Britain

My Voice Project, my ten year initiative to create a 13 panel, 33 foot long visionary mural expressing the lost mythologies of the Island of Britain, is nearing completion! The Daylight image is due to be finished by summer 2020, while autumn and winter will be the time when the UV image across all 13 panels will be completed. A film and a book are planned for early-to-mid 2021, but for now you can explore the Voice Project website to see some of the latest stages in this grand labour of love! It feels fantastic to have one of my flagship projects coming so close to being finished after so many years.


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