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News & Events

Nine Nights Awake  

Nine Nights Awake
Released June 2023: A stunning and surreal autobiographical epic poem

I am delighted to annouce the release, in June 2023, of my autobiography...of sorts! *** Nine Nights Awake is a profoundly surreal book: part autobiography, part hyperactive exploration of fragments of Celtic and Germanic myth, and part a dreaming fall and confinement into an artist and poet's inner world. The narrative begins one winter's night walking through the city of Bristol, UK, but quickly transports to a strange island enmisted, where I encounter a lithe, enchanted-but-broken, eternal youth in chains. Conversations with this youth become the frame story by which I relate the events and experiences of my life. Moving deeper through my queer/neurodiverse, homoerotic/hyperactive inner world, gliding from one theme to another in a genre-baffling, lilting symphony of images. Redolent with fragilities, strengths and wonders, it is probably the strangest autobiography you are ever likely to read! *** Nine Nights Awake is now available from all good book retailers: please click the image at left to discover more.


'Delphic' Summer Exhibition at Cupola Gallery
Cupola Gallery, 178a Middlewood Road, Sheffield S6 1TD - June 2nd to July 8th 2023

I am thrilled to announce my return to exhibiting at the brilliant Cupola Gallery, with the showing of my brand-new artwork Ochk'an ~ Enter The Sky, created in the first few months of 2023, as part of their selected group show for summer, entitled Delphic. It is particularly delightful for me, after the past few difficult years, to be returning to exhibiting my artwork in the gallery that has been a supportive voice for my art over many years. Delphic represents an array of marvellous artists responding in innovative ways to the show's title. An opening event kicks the show off at 7pm on Friday June 2nd.


Multi-Panel Friezes: A Rising Dynamic
Leaning into a long-running flow within my creative practice

In April 2023, I released a statement on social media about the future direction of my artistic practice. This relates to multi-panel friezes, which have long been present in my work, but which are now being foregrounded as part of a longer running initiative to integrate my visual art, poetry and ambient music through the medium of video. My 2020 UV frieze, Sparkling Isolation, has been transformed into a film, while several other projects have been 're-realised' as friezes or triptychs: these include Nonaptych Of My All Too Human Visions and The Ecstasy In Me.

Are We Orbiting 1

Some exciting new work has been recently updated on the website: these include my friezes Nonaptych Of My All-Too-Human Visions, Are We Orbiting Simulated Lives, Or Memories Of Everything, Everything All At Once...? and the film of my 2020 multi-panel UV work Sparkling Isolation. A sexually graphic triptych from 2017-20, The Ecstasy In Me, is also now visible, as is a brand new 2023 artwork: Ochk'an ~ Enter The Sky.

Are We Orbiting 2

Hangman Starman  

Hangman Starman
A dark and strange novella relating how I burned my self-destructive urges into light

I am thrilled to announce that my novella, Hangman Starman, or: How I Worked My Dreams And Burned My Dark On Through To The Other Side (A Queer Artist's Unsuicide Note), is being released in October 2022 as the eighth volume in my Xibalba Books Poetry Series. This dark and strange text navigates its way through a psychological crisis I experienced back in 2010, in which I fell into a self-destructive spiral of suicidal ideation and nightmares. Entering into the image of the worst nightmare brought me onto a journey through which I was able to steadily unfold a new way of self-understanding, beyond 'gay man' or 'artist', but as a creative and spiritual queer person free from internalised homo/queer-phobic self-hatred from which many LGBTQ+ people suffer. It is a visionary voyage through the darkest realms of my gay/queer psyche, a brutally honest account of my time in the underworld, and how I worked my dreams to burn my darkness through to the blazing light on the other side.

Boundary Strider  

Boundary Strider - My Artistic Debut in Australia
Wollongong Art Gallery, Burelli Street, Wollongong, NSW 2500, Australia - Sep to Nov 2022

I'm delighted to announce my participation in a long-awaited group show in Wollongong, NSW, Australia. I'll be debuting my brand new multi-panel artwork 'Are We Orbiting Simulated Lives, or Memories Of Everything, Everything All At Once...?' In an age where images are generated at unparalleled speed, when mythopoetic experience is a distant memory or belongs to the non-Western Other, 'Boundary Strider' arrives with a different vision: an imagistic exploration of the more-than-human, the natural world and the slow art of the hand. The exhibition opens on Fri 2nd Sep at 6.30pm

621 Gallery  

Art Nunz Exhibition at 621 Gallery
650-3 Railroad Sq, Tallahassee, Florida, FL 32310, USA - October 2022

I've been invited to exhibit a couple of artworks at this upcoming group show of 'Art Nunz' in Tallahassee, Florida, USA this October 2022. Originally a collective formed some twelve years ago around a student group at Florida State University and their professor of painting, the remarkable Carrie Ann Baade, it has been invited open to a small selection of likeminded global artists over the years, and I am honoured to have been asked in 2014. I will be exhibiting my 2017 artwork 'Boy Under The Earth' and a print of my 2016 memorial artwork 'Queer Spirit Over Orlando'.

New Poetry Books  

The 'Xibalba Books' Poetry Series
The emergence of an exciting new venture in my creative life

In spring 2021, I realised I've been a poet for longer than I've been an artist. Now I've decided to bring this into the foreground of my creative life, delving into my poetry archive to produce seven collections of poetry and one novella. I'm delighted to bring these beautifully presented A5 books to you through my personal publishing imprint, Xibalba Books. Subjects range from queer creative mythology to a Mexican travelogue, and Hangman Starman, a dark and strange novella. Excitingly, this process has liberated several ambitious new works, including: Nine Nights Awake. Coming soon in June 2023.


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