:: Nine Nights Awake ::

Nine Nights Awake - Coming Soon


Xibalba Books Poetry Series #9

:: COMING SPRING 2023 ::


In Spring 2023, Bruce Rimell will be releasing his most ambitious poetic work to date: 'Nine Nights Awake', a complex, de-centralised, meandering tour through his creative, queer, and hyperactive inner life.

‘Nine Nights Awake’ is all at once, a kind of thematically arranged autobiography of an idiosyncratic inner life, with all its feelings, colours, dreams, armchair philosophies and psychological agilities; an epic poem grounded in fragments of Celtic and Germanic myth telling the story of a lost soul found; an ad-hoc set of narrative allegories from personal, gay/Queer, neurodiverse, contemporary and archetypal human life; an extensive artist’s talk enfolded into a dreaming fall and confinement; an intimate and winding conversation with the soul; a lengthy meditation upon the Medieval Welsh poem ‘Preiddeu Annwn’ attributed to Taliesin, which in turn liberates further personal musings on poetry itself; and a radically parallel series of multiple threads, sidenotes, sidetracks, circular narratives, premonitions, postmonitions and quirky references, misquotes, paraphrased song lyrics and other inspirations… all rolled into one!

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