:: Reveries, Dreams, Refractions: A Retrospective ::

Reveries, Dreams, Refractions


:: A Retrospective ::

Xibalba Books Poetry Series #7

180 Pages: Black & White
Original Publication: Unreleased
First Edition Release Date: Summer 2022
Book Size: A5 (14.8cm x 21cm)
Genre: Poetry / Retrospectives
Price: £17.95 (UK Price)

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In 2021, British artist Bruce Rimell realised that he had also been a poet for much longer than he had been an artist, and decided to bring this other creative practice into the foreground. Delving through his many collections of poetry, he began to publish the best as part of a small series of books.

However, some of his unpublished collections were of much lower quality, yet contained within them what he felt were occasional shards of beautiful light. He decided to gather these disparate poems into a single volume of assorted works.

This retrospective book is the result, mapping the transformations of Bruce's poetic voice over nearly thirty years, from formative and youthful compositions into the confident, eclectic, and eccentric poet with a mythical edge that he is now.

The diverse collection ranges from satirical to magical, playful to visionary. Longform psychedelic texts sit alongside quick bursts of poetic inspiration, while poems which accompanied artworks, along with random social media compositions, all add their unique voices to the throng of the anthology.

‘Reveries, Dreams, Refractions’ is an unconventional volume charting a course across decades of a poet's inner life. Come and see...

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Reveries 1

Reveries 2

Reveries 3

Reveries 4

Reveries 5

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