:: Skyful Of Star Trails / Like Gold He Said ::

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:: 2020 :: 51cm x 43cm :: UV Lacquer on Canvas ::
:: Musical Composition 9min 41sec ::

Tracks #7 and #8 from the album relate the time when I began to thrive on the solitude, when it truly became for me a 'Sparkling Isolation', and when I began to hear musical inspiration everywhere. A set of wind chimes in the trees - which I recorded - initiated a 21-minute symphonic piece of which these two tracks are the opening nine minutes. By this point, I had sent some of the work-in-progress music to my good friend Daniel Shepherd, who sent back some very complementary words about my music. Spliced and made into abstract meanings, some of these words found their way into 'Like Gold He Said'. The UV paintings here imaginatively respond to the music's emotional imagery - the music was now beginning to direct the art.


:: Skyful Of Star Trails (UV Painting) ::

Skyful Of Star Trails


:: Like Gold He Said (UV Painting) ::

Like Gold He Said


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