:: I Found Still ::

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:: 2020 :: 51cm x 43cm :: UV Lacquer on Canvas ::
:: Musical Composition 7min 12sec ::

Track #12 from the album narrates my new-found stillness at the heart of the lockdown. It re-purposes melodies from 'Hey Lost Avatar' to do this, giving a subtle sense of musical irony since this earlier track expressed my struggle to let go of the world. Here, a deep meditative sense of satisfaction and simple 'being-ness' is intended, and the UV painting resonates with this. The image from this painting was eventually used (in a repainted version) for the cover artwork of the album.


:: I Found Still (UV Painting) ::

I Found Still


:: Sparkling Isolation Cover Artwork (UV Painting) ::

Sparkling Isolation UV COver Artwork


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